Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The season started first weekend in June.
Lots of rivers are running high and cold as well as silty. A short warm weekend has snow melting in the higher elevations. The Columbia River is in low level flood stage. I was able to fish a stream that is flowing at twice its normal cfs rating for this time of year. 815 CFS in June when it should be just over 400 cfs.Tough wading and was just too swift to cross. I had to be content to fish the edges.
The river was running clear and the return of cool weather (49 degrees) hasn't really jump started any significant bug activity.
No green drakes,very few caddis,no yellow sallies. I picked up a few cutts on a stonefly nymph.
It wasn't pretty, chuckin a bead head stone with a couple of splits,but it got the job done!
It sure feels good to be back fishing after such a long break.